Monday, May 18, 2009

What Happens When Your Product is Photographed or Broadcast

Once your product has been shot, you’ll receive a call or email from a fashion assistant or credits editor with a Credit Request. A Credit Request asks for the following information:

• Correct spelling of brand name
• Description of item
• What it is made of (fabric content for clothing, metal or stones for jewelry, etc…)
• Retail Price
• Where to buy it (your branded website or a store that carries a lot of stock)
• When it will be in stores

*Hint: help your retailers do well with your brand by offering them credits in magazines. For instance, if is your largest retailer, be sure to list them in the “Where to buy it” section. Before sending in the Credit Request, ask the store what price they are selling the item for. Always call the store you credit and let them know that you’ve given them some press. Sell more product by suggesting that they order additional pieces of that style to cover demand from the magazine’s readers. You also might try calling an account you’d like to sell to and offer them a credit in a major magazine if they order some pieces from your collection.

You might say:
“Hi, this is Joann from XYZ tees. US Weekly just shot our pink short sleeve scoop neck tee for their March 15th issue. We think our product would be an excellent fit for your store and customer and we wanted to offer you the credit in US if you would order a few pieces from the collection. Our order minimum is $500.”

Editorial Stylists
If a freelance editorial stylist uses your designs for a magazine shoot you will be contacted by a fashion assistant or credits editor to obtain credit information.

Celebrity Stylists
Oftentimes stylists will call you when they’ve used your designs to let you know who they’ve put them on and what fabulous red carpet event that celebrity will be attending. However, oftentimes they won’t. It’s best to ask the stylist what they plan to use the samples when they borrow them, then monitor and to see if you can find photos of celebrities in your designs. Also monitor magazine format entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood for celebrity and red carpet event coverage.

When product is highlighted on television, you will hear from a producer prior to airing to confirm purchase information. You can oftentimes ask the producer for a DVD or video clip of the show. If they are not able to send one, contact a service like VMS (Video Monitoring Service to purchase a copy of the segment.

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