Monday, May 18, 2009

Scripts for Editorial or Stylist Outreach Calls

To introduce your brand and inquire about sending samples:

“Hi this is (fist name) calling from (company name). I’ve just launched my collection of (kind of product) and I think my designs would be a perfect fit for (magazine name). Your readers will love our (describe product and why it is interesting for the reader). What are you working on right now? I’d love to send over some samples for consideration.”

To ask for sample returns:

“Hi, this is (first name) from (company name). I sent samples to you on (date) and wondered when they would be returned. I need to have them back by (date) for an important sales meeting. Please send them to (address) and email a tracking number to (email address). Thank you!”

To pitch a story about your brand to a writer:

“Hi this is (fist name) calling from (company name). My Chicago-based collection of luxury handbags would be perfect fit for (magazine name)’s (name of section) section. Each bag is hand crafted using fabric from the suits of famous Chicago mobsters and lined with silk from dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe (this sentence is your argument for why you appeal specifically to this magazine and reader). They are unique and the $2000 price point will appeal to (magazine name)’s reader. We also have a diffusion collection priced between $200 and $500. I’ll send along an email with a press release and backgrounder on the collection. Would you like for me to send some samples to you for review as well?”

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