Monday, May 18, 2009

Setting Up Meetings with Editors and Stylists

Meetings are an ideal way to get attention for your product. If you are not based in New York, schedule regular trips to meet with editors and show them new designs. Email or call the editor to set up the meeting.

The Conde Nast building houses titles like Vogue and Lucky.

Try something like:

“Hi Jessica. I will be in New York next week doing deskside* meetings to show my collection of luxury fashion jewelry sold in upscale boutiques like Madison, Fred Segal and Henri Bendel. I’d love to stop in for a quick 15-minute meeting to show you new product and to drop off some line sheets and look books. I have an opening Tuesday at 10am. Would that work for you? I look forward to seeing you soon.”

*Note: a “deskside” meeting or appointment is a meeting conducted at the editor’s office. At some magazines you will meet at the editor’s desk, at others, like most Conde Nast titles, you will meet in the magazine’s lobby area. At some magazines you will sit in a conference room.

Once you have set up the meeting, send a reminder email to the editor the day before your meeting. Make sure to include your cell phone number in case the editor needs to reschedule. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your meeting so that you have time to check in with security and ride the elevator to the appropriate floor. Be sure to bring your driver's license for security check in, product samples, look books, line sheets, business cards, extra samples in case the editor wants to pull pieces for stories they are working on that day, pen and paper to record borrowed samples, and a gift for the editor if you’d like them to have something from the collection.

After the meeting send a follow up letter or email thanking them for taking the time to meet with you. You might write something like:

“Dear Amy, You were so sweet to take the time to meet with me this morning. Thank you for looking over my collection of jewelry and for pulling some styles for your upcoming story on antiqued gold. I look forward to working with you again soon. I hope you enjoy the bracelet! Best, Jamie”

Find editor names, phone numbers and email addresses at


  1. I'd love to hear more under this blog. I just got this site info through an e-mail for fashion week. The great info in the blog is enough to make me want to test out the monthly info. Great job!

  2. Is there any better way to get in touch to set up desksides besides calling or emailing?
    I feel like I'm shooting emails in to space / not hearing back from anyone. How do i get their attention??

    When I call do I ask to speak with the specific editor I have in mind? Or is there a department for this?